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Learn to Swim Print
From Saturday, September 29 2012
To Saturday, November 17 2012
9:00am - 11:00am Saturday of each week

No Program Dates: Nov 24

Where: Great Lakes Naval Base, Building #440*

Times:  9 AM - 10 AM or 10 AM - 11 AM

Fee:  $70 / 1 hour session

* DIRECTIONS TO NAVAL BASE: Take IL 41 or the tollway and get off at Rt. 137 (Buckley Rd.). Go east on Rt 137 through a series of stoplights and go under a bridge to the intersection of Sheridan Rd. (which will be called Main St. at this intersection). Go right at this intersection and proceed to the Main Gate. Identify yourself as being with GLASA. Your name will be on a list that the security guards have.

FURTHER DIRECTIONS TO BUILDING #440: When you arrive at the gate, ask directions to go around Ross Field. Once you are on the north side of Ross Field, take a right on Luce and continue until it ends and intersects with Evans. Building #440 will be in front of you. Parking is in the rear on either side, and the pool is well-marked once you are in the building.